Pandemic Strolls Bangor

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Pandemic Strolls Bangor: One City in the Year of Covid

Taken entirely within Bangor’s city limits, this beautiful photobook shows everyday life during the Year of Covid. Featuring over 100 photos, this book is both uplifting yet an honest portrait, from pretty to gritty; a snapshot of a historic year. Proceeds support the most vulnerable in a most difficult time.


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Receive one copy of Pandemic Strolls Bangor: One City in the Year of Covid by making a one time donation of $20 or by joining our monthly giving program for $10 per month. 

Want to send additional copies to family or friends? For a $15 monthly donation, receive two copies of the photobook. $20 per month? three photobooks. $25 per month? four photobooks. For each $5 increment monthly, receive another copy.

Please note, photobooks can be picked up at Together Place M-F between 8AM and 4PM. Or we will mail the books directly to your door.


Proceeds benefit Together Place Peer Run Recovery Center, in Bangor’s highest overdose neighborhood. Together Place works to address mental health and substance use disorder among our most needy, helping sustain long-term recovery.