About Together Place

Four Decades of Caring

Together Place opened in 1981. As of 2020, MMHC has undergone its largest transformation. With a focus on providing peer support for individuals in substance use and mental health recovery and the completion of significant upgrades to the facility, the organization adopted a new name that perfectly aligns with its mission and programming: Together Place Peer Run Recovery Center.

Together Place Peer Run Recovery Center has a bold vision for the future.

Board of Directors

Together Place is governed by two boards — the Maine Mental Health Connections (MMHC) board as the fiscal agent, and the Together Place Peer Run Recovery Center Board guides the center’s daily operations.

MMHC Board of Directors

Laura Supica, President

Vickey Rice, Vice President

Jack Williams, Secretary

Joe Perry, Treasurer

Wade Hinson

Sarah Falvey

Together Place Board of Directors

Vickey Rice, President

Jack Williams, Vice Presidnet

Jessica Mayhew, Secretary

Rebecca Rice

Matt Stratton

Wade Hinson

Adam Townsend

Michelle Risinger

Sheila Urquhart

“I joined to work on my recovery, started volunteering, then joined the board which is 100% people in recovery. I enjoy helping guide Together Place Peer Run Recovery Center as we add new plans.”


– Matt S., Board Member


Certified Intentional Peer Support Specialists (CIPSS)

CIPSS are specially trained individuals who support others in the recovery process. They are distinguished from traditional recovery coaches as the State of Maine requires they receive more extensive training and continuing education in both mental health and substance use. CIPSS must be in long-term recovery from a mental health or substance use issue themselves. Together Place employs the most CIPSS in Northern and Eastern Maine.

Jacquie Wilks, CIPSS

Peter "Pat" Kealy, CIPSS

Certified Intentional Peer Support Specialist

Ginger Pelkey, CIPSS

Certified Intentional Peer Support Specialist

Jason Gammon, CIPSS

Certified Intentional Peer Support Specialist


Executive Director

Amy Roeder, Interim ED



Sierra Blade

Administrative Assistant