Empowering Maine Adults

in mental health or substance use recovery to take leadership in their own lives.

Empowering Maine Adults

in mental health or substance use recovery to take leadership in their own lives.

Together Place offers a welcoming environment to all.

To participate, just walk through the door.

All programs are free.

Together Place Peer Run Recovery Center (TP-PRRC) empowers people living with mental health challenges and/or substance use disorder (SUD) to make informed decisions about their recovery.

Members engage in Intentional Peer Support with other members and staff who have lived the experience of mental health or SUD.

Upcoming Events

From neighborhood beautification to annual walks, Together Place is working to help our community. Join our community events to help make a difference!

Bangor Resource Fair

Our next fair will be on Wednesday March 6, 2024

A Crisis in Maine

Maine has one of the top 10 highest overdose death rates in the United States.

Suicide rates in Maine grew 48%, twice the national average, from 2008-2017.

“Penobscot and Washington Counties are most vulnerable to the opioid epidemic
[in Maine].”

Located in the highest overdose neighborhood in Maine’s most opioid vulnerable region – a region also know to have elevated mental health challenges – Together Place has a bold, innovative response:

Peer Run Recovery Groups

Together Place offers recovery groups for those in recovery from substance use or mental health issues (often both). All groups are led by Certified Intentional Peer Support Specialists (CIPSS) who have their own lived experience of mental health and/or substance use challenges and are on their own chosen path of recovery. They build empowering connections with group members and offer first-hand experience and encouragement that long-term recovery is possible.

Individual Support

Together Place offers one-on-one support with Certified Intentional Peer Support Specialists (CIPSS).

Creative Recovery Initiative

Recognizing the vast potential to foster stronger long-term recovery, Together Place developed the Creative Recovery Initiative comprised of Creative & Vocational Recovery Groups.

Creative and Vocational Recovery Groups are co-facilitated by a Together Place CIPSS and a community member with expertise relevant to the group’s theme such as creative writing, painting, or vocational skill-building.

530+ Peer Recovery Groups annually

Support Our Work

With your support, we can reduce Maine’s higher than average overdose and suicide rates, offer life-saving supports, and foster stronger recovery outcomes for Mainers struggling with mental health and/or substance use challenges. Thank you!